Dedicated to Honoring the City of Charlotte

What is The Corners Society?

The Corners Society operates through a high level of community involvement and hands-on volunteer work in an effort to carry out the following:


  • Identification of charities (Target Charities) that are in the greatest need of immediate assistance.

  • Directly volunteering within Target Charities for specific projects that respond to the needs of the City of Charlotte and surrounding area.

  • Donation of necessary goods or services that address shortages on the community level as well as the individual charity or organization level.

  • Financial support of Target Charities that directly impact the Charlotte community by addressing the City’s primary philanthropic needs.

Individuals seeking to support the Corners Society may make a tax-deductable donation via PayPal.

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The Corners Society is dedicated to honoring the City of Charlotte through philanthropic, civic, and charitable action.

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